May 20, 2012

Outdoor activities in Nepal

Nepal is a small and land lock country many tourist are attractive with their natural beauty here we offer you different types of different Activities in Nepal , we are mostly famous for trekking , white water rafting , Jungle safari and many more

·         Trekking
·         Jungle Safari
·         Rafting
Trekking in Nepal 
·         Bird Watching
·         Paragliding
·         Bungee jumping
·         Mountain Flight
·         Ultra light Aircraft
·         Golf
·         Meditation
·         Canyoning
·         Rock Climbing
·         Mountain bike Tour
·         Weddinga And Honeymoon Tour
·         Village Tour
·         Family Tour
·         Fishing Tour
·         Pilgrimage Tour
.  City tour 
Some other cities

Jungle Safari in Nepal 
Rafting in Nepal

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