May 21, 2012

Trekking Equipment Check List

Trekking Equipment Check List

The following information will assist you to get ready for a trek in Nepal. Nepal treks allow you to experience the Himalayan countryside and to meet the people of the hills with a minimum of formality and preparation. If you follow the suggestions here, you will have all the equipment and permits you need to enjoy your trek. Read this information carefully so that you will know what to expect when you arrive in Nepal.
If you are not joining a group trek, you will not have a professional trek leader. If there are more than 3 or 4 people in your party, one of you should assume an informal leadership position to act as spokesman for the group both in Kathmandu and on the trail.

There are many preparations that you can make before you depart for Nepal. Most important are your clothing and trekking equipment, medical supplies, your passport and a visa for Nepal. While some of these projects can be postponed until the last minute (by getting a visa at the airport in Kathmandu or renting your trekking equipment in Nepal, for example), it is recommended that you make most preparations in advance so that you do not waste time during your holiday satisfying bureaucratic formalities or searching for some item of equipment that is temporarily unavailable for rent in Kathmandu.

Trekking Equipment Check List

Trekking equipment checklist

When selecting your personal items, keep in mind the number of days you'll be camping, the time of year and the altitude. We advise our clients to bring these items:

  • Down Sleeping Bag,
  • Down Jacket,
  • Long sleeved shirt,
  • Jumper or fleecy jacket,
  • T - shirts ,
  • Trekking shoes or boots,
  • Comfy shoes for around the camp,
  • Mountain trekking boots,
  • Polypropylene/wool socks,
  • Light cotton socks
  • for under wool socks
  • Rucksack,
  • Sun hat,
  • Woolen hat,
  • Gloves ,
  • Sun block for lips,
  • Goggles or sunglasses,
  • Long underwear,
  • Insulated pant,s Nylon windbreaker,
  • Nylon wind pants,
  • Water bottle,
  • Sewing kit,
  • Medical & first aid kit,
  • Flash light,
  • Batteries and bulbs
  • Towel and toiletries

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