Jan 14, 2013

Best guide in Nepal

 How to choose a best guide in Nepal?
Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal 
                  Dear my Friends Welcome to Nepal, I am really happy to choose for travelling in Nepal and Looking for a Guide. Really it is very big problem to choose a right person, in my experiences of trekking and travelling in Nepal , here we are many Guide most of the guide employed by the office , very few guide are independed trekking guide in Nepal . Still hard to choose a guide because the guide will make your holiday successful and interesting. The entire trekking guide who work for the trekking company they need to follow the company rule. For the Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal they decided any things by them self , so if you want to spend many days in Himalaya or you like to make short trip in Himalaya you can decided immediately and told to Independent Trekking Guide  wow so quick decision . Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal we want to make Happy and Memorable your trip in Nepal. Compare to trekking Company / Agency / Office we are cheaper so why you choose trekking company. This money go to directly to the person who work hard so choose the Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal it is respect the labor and your safe money you can buy some souvenirs to your family and friends.
Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal 
Here about me 1st time I did job in tourism industry in Nepal1997, first few years I work from trekking Agency as a Trekking Porter so I learn lot things through the senior trekking guide and collect many ideas so I was confidence I can control the groups by myself and request some of my guest to send your friends and family when they come with me directly they feel much cheaper and I was able to give a good service then other guide so it make me more popular in among all over the world’s  travelers and a trekkers. So I am getting successful trekking guide in Nepal’s tourism industry. And I took a trekking guide license. Most of the trekking I do by myself because travelers will be more happy to find a real guide , some time on their request when I was busy I can provide a good guide. Regarding to the Trekking Porter I normally use a very simple person who will be a local person in this area, that’s why he know the every things about this route. He is as like a guide some time these porters will do as a trekking guide, I am teaching them and encourage being a best trekking guide in Nepal.
bout by myself I always take care my guest, what they eat, what they drink, how much water they drinking ( normally I recommendation 4-5 liter water per day) how is their health condition ( in the high altitude most of the people feel sick) before start the trekking I like to check their Equipment, physical condition ( normally people ask me by email what I do ?) so I fixed all things before the trekking so all guest are happy with me.
Finally all the tourist are happy with me I fully help to their Nepal stay so they like to give a good recomandation in some online forum which is I collect in my blog site

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Best trekking Guide in Nepal
Best trekking Guide in Nepal 

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Trekking guide and photographer in Nepal 

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